Creating a concept for positioning the non privat / non-commercial broadcast for the future



Project-Group "die rundfunkSURFER"

Course of "Applied Media Sience" 6. + 8. Semester, Technical University Ilmenau

Team members: Arne Primke, Uwe Sielisch, Yvonne Teichmann, Christoph Zeitz

Project Manager: Christoph Zeitz



  • to develop a new clientel through attractive internet supply (especially to address young people with this new medium)
  • to use the so called "basic information supply" as a competitive advantage
  • to assure and to strengthen the non-private/non-commercial broadcast as s serious address in order to figure out investigated and orderly displayed information in the www
  • to finance this project (site) out of merchandising and e-commerce only and mainly to renounce commercials
  • to support the internet-TV-convergence with linking the possible supplies
  • dialouge-oriented multimedial information- and knowledgeplatform
  • to raise the identification of potential users with the non-private/non-commercial broadcast
  • to raise the added value for those users
  • to link the contents of education, entertainment, information and culture


Creating a dialouge-oriented multimedia information- and knowledgeplatform based on 3 columns:

  • Multimedia-Archive (Database) containing digital material out of past and present articles, TV- and radiospots based on similar topics
  • cartographic navigation in order to exploit those various contents
  • personalizing the web-site with:
    • interestspecific programreferences
    • own favourites in the archive


A special platform-option is the spatial archive-presentation (3D) and special "grouprooms" for virtual broadcast. You are able to get also a "own room" (Infobox), where Office-Functions (like SMS, Fax, Videoconferences, Files) can be integrated. A virtual agent administrate the individual userdesires in this infobox and will contact the users while having a demand per passing a SMS, WAP, Fax, e-mail,…

This three-dimensional-event-world is suppose to enable a playfully informationaccess in order to stimulate the users to stay and come-back to this site as well as to increase the entertainment-value of this site.

The communication-channels between personalized site and user are extensionable since integrating new technical possibilities is quick and easy to handle.


(c) die rundfunkSURFER 2000